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Things are crazy in Utah! A lot has been going on, I have done a couple of classes, went on a few weekend adventures and moved into a house! I will try and fill ya in….

Ashley Fiolek
Ashley Fiolek MX Classes

I had a couple of classes in Colorado and also in Ogden Utah. In Utah the class was crazy hot but all of the riders handled it really well and had a great time. I also did a couple of private classes with two little girls which was super fun. The Colorado class was awesome because it was a ladies ride day on Saturday then we went to a different track on Sunday and did an MX school. It was a huge group and there was 20 students! We worked on body position, some braking drills, we rode in circles to practice these techniques and everyone did great. I had fun and I’m pretty sure all of the girls did too. I always throw in some games at the end involving balancing everyone seems to enjoy these or maybe its because its the end of class and they are tired ha ha…

We did some camping at MOAB too while traveling to the different tracks. It was beautiful and we had a good time hiking. My dog, Bambi, is loving life! She loves to travel and being outside is one of her favorite things. Trying to keep her out of the water is always hard to do, she loves to swim more than hiking.

Recently, we drove up to Michigan for our friends wedding. It was also my great grandmas memorial service (It’s ok she was almost 103!) my parents drove up from Florida and we came from Utah. We all only had a short time so we had to make the trip fast. Our drive was 25 hours and my parents had a 15 hour trip. We managed to see each other a few times (We had not seen them since May!) I made them stay up until 1am on Friday and Saturday. We jammed in all of our favorite Michigan restaurants and a couple of breweries. Sunday was my grandmas memorial by a lake to put her ashes in and then the whole family headed to lunch. It was a very nice time to say our final goodbyes. We talked about my great grandma and what a wonderful person she was.

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After the memorial we started our long drives back home. Bambi may have been over it ha ha…
When we got back to Utah, Lindsey and I went to our new house rental, it was really late so we just crashed! We spent the next day moving everything from our trailer to the house. We also found a huge reclining couch on craiglist that we needed to pick up. It?s
going to be quite a change going from the Tiny House to the trailer for 5 months to a full house with a basement and a backyard. Bambi is thrilled with all the space.

Hope to see you guys soon out on the tracks in Utah! Happy Fall.

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