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So we are all settled into our new house in Utah. We have been getting a lot of snow and my dog Bambi just loves it! This is her first time seeing snow and I thought she would freak out but I can barely get her to come back into the house. I haven’t had any MX classes its been too cold around here so I guess I will have to wait until we “thaw” out now. We did go snowboarding in Jackson Hole and that was a blast, at least it is easy to keep busy here even with the cold and the snow.

Ashley snowboarding at Jackson Hole
Ashley snowboarding in Jackson Hole

My mom and dad flew out to Utah right before Thanksgiving. My brother came also and he brought his girlfriend. My mom was not thrilled about the long flight (5 and a half hours!), but she finally gave in to see us and our new house. At least they all had a direct flight so it wasn’t too bad for them. We showed them all around Utah because none of them had ever been before.

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We went to an Escape room adventure, it was so much fun! Its hard because everyone gets all fired up and then forgets to sign! My brother is a little bossy 🙂 and he kind of took over everything. Luckily for me and Lindsey his girlfriend, Kylie, took the time to sign to us. My brother is in his 4th year of ASL and his girlfriend took 3 years. We were laughing so hard, lights were flashing, the room was getting darker it was a blast. We failed, of course, but just had a terrific time! If you have not tried an Escape adventure yet, I would definitely recommend it.

We took my mom and dad to all of our favorite restaurants and bar-breweries. My mom and dad love breweries so they were very happy to try these out. We went to one Japanese restaurant and every party gets their own little room and you have to take off your shoes and sit on the floor. My brother and Kylie were very open to trying all of the different Japanese food that we ordered. I was surprised because my brother has always been very picky. I guess he is growing up! He will be 18 around Christmas so I guess his tastes are expanding.

Fiolek family Getout game
Escape room adventure, with my brother & Lindsey, mom and dad.

One night a group of our friends came over to meet my family. We had some cocktails and we played some games. We also had a fire outside and “chatted” for awhile. I was surprised when Kylie and Kicker (my brother) wanted to play games with us. All of our friends were Deaf, but they jumped right in and had a great time. Their signing has really improved and we all were laughing and enjoying the evening.

We are actually flying back to Florida for Christmas and my brothers birthday. We will be staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness campground for his birthday and for Christmas! I’m really excited we haven?t been to the campground in awhile and its been a really long time since we stayed for Christmas! My mom has been talking to me everyday and telling me how she is cleaning up the RV and packing everything up. It should be a wonderful trip. After we are done we will head back up to Saint Augustine for a couple of days to hit some of our favorite places before heading back home. I have to leave Bambi with friends so I?m a little bummed about that but I?m sure she will have some adventures of her own.

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Hope everyone has a wonderful winter and we will all be back to riding and racing soon!

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