Norman Lear Issue

Norman Lear Cover and Table of ContentsNorman Lear Cover and Table of ContentsArticles in the Norman Lear Issue; VOICEYE — It’s Free, Try It; VOICEYE— It’s free, try it ; HUMOR— Nursery Rhyme Reasoning; `ASHLEY FIOLEK— A Wishful Adventure; GERI JEWELL—Power of TV; CHINA—One Box At A Time; LONG HAUL PAUL—Arctic Journey; NANCY VILLERE—Art, Laughs, Peep Show; SESAME ENABLE—”Touch is Overrated”; NORMAN LEAR—Even This I Get to Experience; DANI BOWMAN—Animation Station ; ABILITY’s Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences…

Norman Lear — Even This I got to Experience

On a foggy morning in Bel Air, California, ABILITY’s columnist, actress Geri Jewell and interviewer David Zimmerman, found themselves driving through a gated property and down a long driveway to a sprawling home redolent of royalty… Hollywood royalty, that is: the home of legendary TV producer and writer Norman Lear. The creator of groundbreaking ... Read more

Nursery Rhyme Reasoning

I’ve always enjoyed those cute little nursery rhymes that I heard as a small child. I never put much thought into those stories, but now that I’m older, I have started to rethink some of them. Call me a maverick, but as I examined the verses, things just didn’t add up. Who were these ... Read more

Animation Station — Dani Bowman

In a few short years, Dani Bowman has created an animation empire. She’s the chief creative officer, animator, illustrator, and graphic artist at Powerlight Studios, which she first dreamed up at 11. Recently, ABILITY Magazine’s David Zimmerman chatted with Bowman; her aunt, Sandra Vielma; and uncle, Patrick Eidemiller, over a scrumptious Mediterranean lunch in ... Read more

“Touch is Overrated” — Sesame Enable

There’s a curious message on Sesame Enable’s website: “Touch is overrated.” But it begins to make sense when you learn that users can activate the company’s cellphones with a turn of the head, creating new possibilities for people with disabilities. Chet Cooper and Lia Martirosyan of ABILITY Magazine recently caught up with Oded Ben ... Read more

Arctic Journey

Continued from No Matter What Part 1 With approval from the cafeteria worker who had wheeled my low-fat lunch into my hospital suite, I left New Hampshire for Alaska one day after being discharged and just three days after having a couple of stents inserted into my heart. Have I told you that I’m ... Read more

One Box at a Time

Before 2002, Chen Zhou was invisible to most people. He could’ve been any of the street singers who wandered China’s bustling streets. Today, however, he is a well-known and highly respected speaker who draws huge crowds at stadiums, schools and hospitals. Although Chen is without legs, he scaled China’s renowned Five Sacred Mountains in ... Read more

Power of TV

As a member of the Baby Boomer Generation, I’ve always said that television played an integral role in my development. Even when I was in the womb, I was influenced by it, according to my mom. Her favorite series while she was pregnant with me were The Gary Moore Show (with Carol Burnett), and ... Read more

A Wishful Adventure

I have been traveling all over the place and loving every minute of it! My classes keep me busy, and yet I managed to squeeze in time to fly home to Florida for a quick “visit.” I put visit in quotes because it really wasn’t down time; I actually had an agenda. I’m looking ... Read more

Art, Laughs, Peepshow — Nancy Villere

Accomplished artist Nancy Villere has photographed ABILITY Magazine covers for years, but her talents as a painter lay mostly dormant until her recent health challenge. At Villere’s Crush Photo Studios in Orange County, CA, she spoke with editor’s Chet Cooper and Lia Martirosyan about how facing a major illness also helped her face her ... Read more