Isaac Lidsky Issue

Isaac Lidsky Issue Cover and Table of Contents

Articles in the Isaac Lidsky Issue; VOICEYE — It’s Free; Ashley Fiolek — Three Weeks in Europe!; HUMOR — Chit Chat; Geri Jewell — False Pride; Long Haul Paul — Challenges, Choices and Chances; China — The Great Tangshan Earthquake: Part 2; Stephen Letnes — Motifs & Melodies; Ouch! — BBC’s Humor Podcast; Donnie Demers — Music in an Old Soul; Neil Squire Society — Assistive Technology in Canada; Isaac Lidsky — Eyes Wide Open!; JAN — Should I or Shouldn’t I?;

Should I or Shouldn’t I? — JAN

  Deciding if, when, and how to share disability-related information with a prospective or current employer can be overwhelming. The decision-making process requires answering a number of personal questions that may be different with each employment experience. There is no single right or wrong approach to disclosing a disability. The disability disclosure decision-making process ... Read more

Eyes Wide Open — Isaac Lidsky

Back in the day, entrepreneur and speaker, Isaac Lidsky played Weasel on NBC’s Saved By The Bell: The New Class. He finished Harvard at only 19, doubling back to attend law school there and became the only person who’s blind to serve as a law clerk for the US Supreme Court. (His bosses were ... Read more

Assistive Technology in Canada — Neil Squire Society

Chad Leaman is director of development at Neil Squire Society, which uses technology, knowledge and passion to empower Canadians with disabilities. Their programs offer an opportunity for people with disabilities to develop computer and employment skills and to provide solutions to removing technological barriers as they prepare to enter or re-enter the workforce. Leaman ... Read more

Music in an Old Soul — Donnie Demers

Songwriter, pianist and record producer Donnie Demers has traveled the world wowing crowds with his music. After he and brother Jimmy performed to a standing ovation on Jerry Lewis’ long-running muscular dystrophy telethon in the 1980’s, the legendary comedian encouraged Donnie to move to LA to pursue his craft. Both brothers ended up following ... Read more

OUCH — BBC’s Humor Podcast

ABILITY stopped by the media giant, BBC, in London, where Ouch!: Disability Talk is making sound waves. We had a great chat with Damon Rose, who launched Ouch! disability website 14 years ago and the award-winning Ouch podcast a few years later. He and his colleague Beth Rose, news journalist for digital current affairs, ... Read more

Motifs & Melodies — Stephen Letnes

Stephen Letnes is a modern-day composer with a classical twist. Dig into his SoundCloud, and you will find a colorful bag of audible candy: instrumentals, orchestral pieces, film scores. At a young age Letnes began his musical journey with the violin, and as it kept getting stolen, his parents switched him over to the ... Read more

The Great Tangshan Earthquake: Part 2

In 1976, a powerful earthquake struck Tangshan in northeastern China, nearly destroying the entire city and taking the lives of 240,000. At the time, international experts estimated those wounded who became paraplegics would not live beyond 15 years. However, 40 years later, 817 out of 960 are still alive. Though they escaped the hand ... Read more

Challenges, Choices and Chances

As I sit here in the Salt Lake City airport waiting for an impromptu flight home, I cannot scrape together a single bad thought about the motorcycle I am leaving behind; possibly for good. Well, OK, maybe just one bad thought; I still have 18 payments to make on it! The bike and I ... Read more

False Pride

Pride is pleasure arising from a man’s thinking too highly of himself. ~Baruch Spinoza I’ve had cerebral palsy since birth, which most people perceive as a disability, but which I believe it has put me on a path of monumental evolvement and understanding of the human condition. From my initial diagnosis at 18 months, ... Read more

Chit Chat

It’s good to have friends in life. They say that when you’re older, you can count all your friends on one hand. Where did all the friends in our lives go? One week you’re doing everything with this friend, from dining out to talking on the phone and then, poof, they’re out of your ... Read more

Three Weeks in Europe

Hey everyone, I’m writing this from New York City because the legendary Carnegie Deli is my dad’s favorite restaurant ever, and it’s closing down in December after almost 80 years. So that’s why we are here. Can you tell that my family loves to eat? Ha ha. I’m just back from Europe with my ... Read more