Face Masks and Lip Reading

face mask with copy - I'm deaf, I read lipsThe days are just flying by, SX (supercross) is in full swing and I have been watching every second of it. Unfortunately, right now they are on a three week break so that is kind of a bummer I have to go back to watching Netflix and not SX! I have even made my mom watch with me and she doesn’t even like to watch, why is that? haha….. I do get a little emotional about it so does my dad and we both yell and scream so that is probably why my mom doesn’t like to watch with us I have actually been training for a woods race. I haven’t done a whole lot of training since I left racing. I have been working on my cardio and doing some mountain bike riding to prepare me for riding thru the woods on my dirt bike. I even went with my mom to a Pure Barre class to help me out but that was so hard, how does my mom do it?

It’s finally getting warm again in Florida, it has been so cold and dreary here it is not usually like that here so it has been kind of sad. My wife is in Utah working with her brother on finishing carpentry so I have been stuck here. My mom and I decided to go on a mini “girls” trip so we headed down to Orlando for a few days. The weather was a lot warmer in Orlando than Saint Augustine so we had a chance to sit by the pool and soak up some sun. There is a new Margaritaville resort here so we decided to check it out. It was really nice we were kind of in between Spring breaks so it was not too packed and we were able to get some lounge chairs. That is the hard thing about Florida we have to contend with everyones spring breaks from all over the US because they come here! Even more now because we have a cool Governor :-0

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We are driving back home now and we are going to celebrate an early Easter because my mom, dad and brother are headed back to Michigan to visit with my grandma and grandpa and I’m staying home to watch the dogs. Oh and also the deer and feral cats we have a lot of animals!

So masks? Ugh, do any of you Deaf people struggle like me? I’m a lip reader so the whole mask thing is making me crazy! Especially when you tell people you are Deaf and they still keep talking thru their masks! I’m like hey I can’t hear you and now I can’t see your lips or facial expressions! Some people get it and remove their mask so I can see their face and I really appreciate it, just wondering if other people are experiencing the same thing as me?

Back to my training tomorrow, hope to see you all at a class this summer. I’m moving back to the West coast for classes this year so keep an eye on my website if you want to hang with me.Flyer about Ashley's motocross classes with image of Ashley popping a wheelie.


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