Max Gail Issue

Max Gail and Lia Martirosyan Issue

Articles in the Max Gail and Lia Martirosyan Issue; Ashley Fiolek— Time to Teach; Humor — Another Wrinkle?; Geri Jewell — Jury is Out; China — Poetry; CSUN — Beta Access Check; Dyslexia — New Method of Learning; Armenia — A University of Change; Zach — Nothing but Net; Long Hall Paul — I have MS!; George Carlin — Private Property (The ARCHIVE Files); Comcast — Access into Your Imagination; Max Gail — Takes the Lead; Lia — Music & Laughter; Sailing — Fun with Special Olympics;

Lia Martirosyan — Music and Laughter

It’s true, in an instant, your life can change; an accident, a ruptured aneurysm, blunt trauma to the head, a cancer diagnosis. With Lia, it’s been slow, temperamental and undiagnosed. Her blasé attitude makes one wonder if she’s just used to her body’s deception. She isn’t, she just knows where her energy is best ... Read more

Max Gail

The actor shot to fame as Detective Wojciehowicz in the classic TV sitcom Barney Miller. From there, Max Gail’s varied life has taken a host of twists and turns. Recently he got a new set of knees that’s set him off on his latest adventure, which includes music, technology, and the occasional acting gig. ... Read more

Poetry – Xuihua Yu

Some critics believe that in the past there were few grassroots poets, or poets without a formal education. But recently a group of them has emerged, representing farmers and coal miners. Their poems are candid and powerful. People love their poetry because it reflects their own reality. Poet Xiuhua Yu is not an isolated ... Read more

Sailing — Fun with Special Olympics

When Michael Crofton and John Kirkland compete in the Special Olympics World Games as members of the Special Olympics Team USA sailing team this summer, there will be plenty of challenges on the horizon. This will be their first World Games as a team, and their first time to Los Angeles. While they have ... Read more

Comcast — Access into Your Imagination

Did you catch the Oscars? Better yet, did you catch Comcast’s commercial of Emily’s Oz? Little Emily describes what she envisions when experiencing the movie, The Wizard of Oz. For people who are blind or have visual difficulties, navigating the nubby buttons of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is an exercise in frustration, at ... Read more

George Carlin: Private Property

Circa 1995 Jane Wollman Rusoff: Tell me, what has psychotherapy done for you? George Carlin: It’s actually decreased my fortune by half. No, I think I learned quicker, with a little guidance, things I might have learned anyway. Unfortunately, I had to shoot my first two therapists because I thought they knew too much. ... Read more

Zach — Nothing But Net

The bio on Zach Hodskins reads like this: Walk-on who enrolled at University of Florida for the Summer B term of 2014; Has a great 3-point stroke; Able to create looks off the dribble, particularly in the open floor. It’s a basic scouting report for a 6-foot-4, 203-pound walk-on guard in college basketball. Hodskins, ... Read more

Armenia — A University of Change

Until it became independent in 1991, Armenia was one of the 15 republics that made up the Soviet Union. The country is rich in culture deeply rooted in its ancestry—what it lacks in population, the people surpass in determination. Armen Der Kiureghian, PhD, has been dividing his time between UC Berkeley and the American ... Read more

Dyslexia – New Method of Learning

Ever since the late Steve Jobs mentioned he was dyslexic some years back, this developmental reading disorder has acquired a certain caché. As if having dyslexia made you a genius. Nowadays, it seems that one in every four entrepreneurs claims they grew up dyslexic. Hold on, please. Dyslexia is serious. Rates of school failure ... Read more

CSUN – Beta Access Check

For a few days in March, amidst the bright sun and the sea breeze, San Diego hosted the 30th International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, organized by California State University, Northridge, commonly referred to as CSUN 2015. The yearly conference highlights innovations that help enable people around the world. I was honored to ... Read more

Another Wrinkle?!

  I always thought that other people got old, not me. The joint pain in my hands has made it difficult to turn back the clock. Father Time what’s your deal? I’ve given you the best years of my life and this is how you repay me? I guess I first realized I was ... Read more

Jury is Out!

  Recently I attended Wild Honey Orchestra’s tribute to the Beatles’ White Album. It was a wonderful concert and my amazing & talented friend Nick Guzman (who has autism) did a duet with Susan Cowsill! But that particular record wasn’t one of my favorite by the Beatles. And song No. 9 on that album ... Read more

I have MS!

“No, I am not one of Jerry’s kids. That’s muscular dystrophy.” “No, Michael J. Fox does not have multiple sclerosis (MS). He has Parkinson’s.” I have MS. Before MS came into my life, I must admit some of these diseases all blended together for me too. A quick search on the internet will define ... Read more

Time to Teach

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to pack away the snowboard. I really wish I could do it year round like riding a dirt bike, but I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the few short months of the white stuff. I’ve also been riding a lot more for fun ... Read more